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     The Deal Maker Co., Ltd was established in 1986 with a registered capital of one million baht for the purpose of importing raw materials, re-sell to local manufacturers mainly for rubber, plastics & adhesives industries and has been increased the registered capital to three million baht since the beginning of 1995 & up to five million baht since 1996. Our sales revenue from the start in 1986 was 10 million baht (0.4 million US$) and rapidly increasing to approx. 100 million baht (4.0 million US$) in 1994 and is expected to grow an approx. 15-20% per annum. Marketing activities our business can be categorized into 4 industrial sectors, they are;


1. Rubber industry: we currently supply Synthetic Rubber/ filler/ processing aids and oil/ tackifier/ peptizer to the said industry,our customers are tyre/ rubber, autoparts & shoesole manufactures. Synthetic Rubber is being used as major polymer for all rubber products including tyres. Filler is being used as reinforcing material as well as to reduce rubber compounding cost. Processing aids and Peptizer is increasing its role in the modern rubber manufacturing method to improve processibility environment &consequently, product quality is better than the unmodified. Tackifier is being used mostly where synthetic rubber is involved in the formulation, its main task is to increase tackiness in the rubber compound, then resulted in better tackiness & adhesion. 


2. Plastics industry: with our knowledge in the plastics industry in Thailand, we are now expanding the business into this industry. We are involving in both trading plastics commodity & also in the additives for improving plastics quality & prolonging its life. We are expecting to grow even more with the plastics recycled resins business with the support from our counterpart in U.S.A. & HongKong.


3. Adhesives industry: We are mainly involving in pressure sensitive, hotmelt adhesives area. Tackifier resin / EVA / SIS / waxes and so on are of our main products being distributed to these industries.


4. Paint and Road Marking paint industry: having been in this industry for more than 10 years, our business is now fully covering resins / additives / pigments supplying to the customers in this industry our marketing strength is to supply resins promptly out of our warehouse, quickly response to customer urgent requirement so The Deal Maker need to have high inventory at all time to meet customer’s unpredictable requirement.


     We are aiming at growing along with our customer’s rapid growth by improving our

quality of services as to the best we can to achieve this goal. More products for both indent and ex-stock sales. On time delivery so as to be in line with our customer just-in-time concept. Quality consciousness & safety awareness.

Facilities & Services


     “Become preferable & reliable supplier” is one of our main important objective to better serve our more than hundred customers all over Thailand. We currently sell to our customers  both ex-stock and indent basis where we stock our products in our own warehouse; with 1,200 square meters space. We can keep inventory of our products up to 1,000 metrictons. It is locating northern part of Bangkok.  We also have a truck fleet compose of 5 trucks & 4 pick-up cars available for customers service from Monday thru Saturday, in some special request, delivery on Sunday can be justified.

Future outlook to grow along with the rapid economic in Thailand, the company is aiming at expanding its activities thru the industry where we have expertise by seeking more products/ suppliers or joint venture. Expanding customers/ industry bases.


The company will concentrate on.

     1. Environmental friendly products.

     2. Quality oriented products.

     3. More technical oriented products.

     4. Value added products.